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Lustfully Intoxicated comes from a line from one of my favorite autobiographies titled: If this Is A Man by Primo Levi ! It’s also potentially the title of my first possible novel :-) 

my love for you consumed me.
by trying to love you this violently, i lost myself.

i lost myself in your perfect lips,
in your melodic voice,
in your eyes and the way they made
me believe you’d stay forever.

i am trying to write you but i cannot.
when i think about you- every word i have ever learned
in any language escapes me-
making it impossible for me to turn you into

your smile and the sound of your laughter are my reasons to be happy.
i love you to the sky and back and
when i think of forever the only
thing that comes to mind is the
sound of your voice when you prononce my name and you are swallowing
me whole.

"   I haven’t written about you in days and it feels like I’m starving myself of oxygen.   "
Unknown (via zombridiaries)

(Source: graciouswords, via zombridiaries)

the neverending vicious circle of life

i don’t know what i am doing with my life
and somehow i am not terrified.

i am letting everything happen to me-
i live tragically and beautifully both at once.

all the good
all the bad-

all deserved.

the bad follows the good
and the good follows the bad