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"   Fall in love with possibility. Embrace the unknown so that it is given a chance to work in your favor.   "
Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)

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i say “i’m so terrifyingly empty that
when i look in mirrors,
i get vertigo”
and he laughs like
sparrows taking flight and when
his hands tangle in my hair and our lips connect
i’m sure he thinks i’m feeling something
besides a vague regret

somehow i have gone so far from where i belong
i have witnessed my own downfall and
my hands never stop shaking and my stomach
never settles down and i don’t know if i wanna die
or i’m just in love with being six feet underground

what gets bigger the more you take out of it?
a hole, a girl, a brain that is rusting her teeth and
sinking her ships and holding her hostage

last night, did you see?
she almost cried
about something.

kinda okay, kinda wishing
something might just come and
kill me.

I think about having myself committed daily.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
"   Fight

I woke up. You were so close.
I could hear the blood running through your veins.
Veins to heart to lungs to brain.
Your body was still warm.
There are countries mapped in the creases of your forehead when you laugh.
I want to get lost in them.
I pick up your hand to map constellations that trail from the tips of your fingers to the stars in your eyes.

I woke up. You were present.
Your heart was so weak it could barely pump your blood.
Veins to heart to lungs to brain.
Your body is numb.
The countries are at war and soldiers fire shots when you laugh.
I enlisted to fight for peace.
I pick up your hand to map constellations but the sky has emulsified
and you’re on the other side of the clouds.

I woke up. The bed is empty.
The only sound is my heartbeat
and I hate the way is sounds without yours.
Your body is no longer mine.
The war is over and there is no victor.
I lift my hand to trace the countries you destroyed.
I was collateral damage.

I woke up,
I don’t want to wake up.
I hold my breath and hope to stop my heartbeat as it screams in my ears:
“No one would fight for you.”
All that’s left from the war is archaic ruins that I haven’t the strength to rebuild.

I shed my heart, veins, lungs, brain and became the ruins, encompassed in you.
Buildings grow on the surface of your skin and I watch a maze of freeways surface from beneath you.
The trucks transporting frozen vegetables were the blood that pumped through you.
You weren’t alive but you were moving.
You moved me.
The people driving in trucks fell in love with the people in the buildings
and children sprouted from the ashes where we had once destroyed each other.   "
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